Saturday, November 26, 2016

In His Master's Path

Paulos Mar Gregorios (1922-96) was one of the most influential leaders of the past century. He provided meaningful leadership to the World Council of Churches to effectively contribute to the solutions of global issues. His command of multiple languages and his mastery of various disciplines of study helped him provide crucial help where it was needed. Being the metropolitan of New Delhi and the president of the Philosophical Congress of India, his advice was eagerly sought out by the rulers of the nation. He was very well accepted and honored behind the Iron curtain in the Soviet Union, which made him a frequent visitor there. He was equally honored and well-accepted in the United States and in other such places where he was a visiting professor in various universities. He was also well-known and was heard in Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Australia.

"In His Master's Path" is a book on the vision and mission of Metropolitan Paulos Mar Gregorios, authored by John D. Kunnathu. It was written as a part of his doctoral study in Augustus International University in USA under the guidance of Professor Katherine Macdowell. This study sought to understand the Vision and Mission of Metropolitan Paulos Mar Gregorios in the light of the Vision and Mission of Jesus Christ, and the book convincingly argues that the vision and mission of Paulos Mar Gregorios in the past century was a successful adaptation of the vision and mission of Jesus Christ in the first century. The book seeks to clarify the fundamentals of Christian faith to the modern world, and also to challenge the modern followers of Jesus Christ to follow the example of Paulos Mar Gregorios.

This book brings to light the basic flaw of the present-day Christianity, and it explains convincingly how the lost Christianity originally founded by Jesus Christ can be regained.

This book is published by Sophia Books in Kottayam, India.
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