Saturday, June 27, 2015

Learn Basic Malayalam in Six Weeks

"Learn Basic Malayalam in Six Weeks" is a guide to learn Malayalam as a second language for the speakers of English. Malayalam is the language of Kerala, South India.

The material is presented as 42 lessons with worksheets and answer key. The authors, who were language teachers in Africa and in the US for over 25 years, have made use of contemporary knowledge of Linguistics and easy-to-follow and effective teaching methods. The sound system and the grammatical system of Malayalam are explained clearly in relation to those in English.

This guide may be used by all those who want to learn Malayalam, such as the children of Keralites who live abroad, and those who come to Kerala for studies and for employment.

The authors are Lissy John and John Kunnathu.

Lissy John is an educator and a writer. She has had her higher studies in Language, Linguistics, and Literature.

John D. Kunnathu is an educator and an author of several books. He has had his higher studies in Language, Linguistics, Literature, and Instructional Technology. After being educators in Africa and in the US for over twenty-five years, both are now settled in Kerala.

The book is published by Createspace, an Amazon company. It has about 145 pages.

In USA, a copy may be ordered from Createspace

In India, a copy may be ordered from pothi

In other places, copy may be ordered from 

A review in by Kirinjin says, "  What a concept: a language instruction book which actually understands both languages and presents both clearly and methodically. I've only just started, but I can already see the quality and benefit, particularly when compared with "Learn Malayalam in 30 Days Through English" (reviewed separately). The book contains 42 (six weeks' worth) manageable lessons, each followed by a "worksheet" or mini-quiz covering the material in that day's presentation

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